Resources and Articles

Following are some helpful links, articles, and any information that might help you get started on your IPP journey!

Idaho Pasture Pig Registry

The primary focus of the IPPR is the Registration of the Idaho Pasture Pigs, continued education regarding the breed standard, overall care, feed, importance of minerals, shelters, best way to promote grazing, & a YouTube channel dedicated to education of all things related to Idaho Pasture Pigs. Jennifer is the regional representative for the southern region (section in yellow).

Please visit the registry web page to get more info on breed conformation and registering a piglet, etc. Visit the IPP Facebook page to communicate with other breeders and share information and questions.

Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association

The primary focus of the IPPBA is to build a diverse community of IPP owners & breeders all over the United States. They focus on Shows, Conventions, and Educational Clinics to help educate and spread the word about this amazing breed of pig. Please look at additional information on conformation (with great pictures!) Also, visit the IPPBA Facebook page to share info with other breeders!

Raising Pigs on Green Pastures by Jodi Cronauer

This book was written by the owner of the breed, Jodi Cronauer. It is specific to the Idaho Pasture Pig and is a good reference if you're just getting started! It's available for purchase on Amazon.

Other Articles and Links

Everything can be done differently, depending on your resources, climate, needs. Here, I will write some articles about what works for US in north Texas. The breed Facebook pages are a great resource for other examples of how different breeders do things. It's important to do what works for YOU and your pigs!