Whole and Half Hog Shares

We grow out all our non-breed quality gilts and extra barrows for sales as halves/whole hog shares.

Happy, Healthy Food

The health and happiness of our pigs is our top priority! All of our animals are treated with respect and care. This is NOT your standard commercially raised pork! IPP pork is a deep red with beautiful marbling. Pasture raised meat is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.
Male piglets that do not meet or exceed breed standard will be castrated and sold as feeders. We do not sell female feeder piglets and will grow those out here on our farm to be sold as pork shares (halves/wholes) at butcher time. All of our feeders are treated and raised exactly as we do our breeding stock. They are raised on non-GMO feed, plus pasture (as available in our hot/dry climate), hay and treats of food scraps and vegetables (no meat). They have plenty of space to roam and we keep our wallows full during the summer so they can stay cool. At around 9-11 months, we deliver our pigs to our USDA inspected processor. At this age, they weigh 225-300 lbs live weight.

Meat in your Freezer!

Whole and Half Hogs
Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)
Whole Hog : $4.50/lb Hanging Weight
Half Hog: $4.75/lb Hanging Weight
These prices do not include processing fees, which are paid directly to the processor and will vary based on options like smoking, curing, and specialty sausage, etc. These fees average around $1.50-2.50/lb hanging weight (subject to change by the processor).

Calculating Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass. This is typically 70% of the live weight. This is also the weight that the processor uses to calculate their totals. So, if your live pig was 250 lbs at the time of processing, then you can estimate a hanging weight of around 175 lb.

Making Cuts From a Carcass

This will vary based on your cut preferences. Do you want all boneless? Bone in pork chops? What percentage of fat do you want in your ground pork? Was the pig overweight? All these things will affect your final take-home pork weight. This is usually 65-80% of hanging weight. So, for the 175 lb hanging weight above, you can expect between 114-140 lbs of pork. If you choose to keep things like fat and bones, this will increase.

How Much Will It Cost?

175 lb hanging weight x $4.50 (whole hog) = $787.50
payable to us.


175 hanging weight x $2/lb = $350 paid directly to processor.


$1,137.50 (Averaging $7.81 - $10 per lb of fresh, pasture raised pork)

This may seem like a lot, but remember we are not a commercial pig farm. This is healthy, humanely raised meat for your family. Our prices reflect our costs, such as the piglet, feed, hay, farm repairs and maintenance, transportation, and our labor, ect.

How Much Will You Get?