Wallows - Beat the Heat

Here in North Texas, it's HOT. We lived in Houston for a lot of years, and it was hot there, but not as DRY as it is in Weatherford. We don't get much rain. So, every time we create a new "pasture" (hard to use that word when it's so dry, we can't even grow grass), we dig a nice wallow. We have a lot of clay in our soil, so our wallows retain their water pretty well, but we still have to fill and top off wallows on a daily basis. Pigs don't sweat, and they need mud and water to stay cool. Not only is it important to choose a shady location if possible for the wallow, but choosing a location where you can get a hose to it is very important. If you don't create a wallow for your pigs, they will just keep tipping over their water until they make one of their own, and it might not be where you want it. If you can't dig a hole, then big plastic tubs will work, as long as they are large and rigid or else the pigs will just lay on the side and let all the water drain out. It's important to do what works for your property.