Why We Vaccinate

After consulting extensively with our livestock vet at our property, he recommended regular worming and FarrowSure Gold vaccine for our herd. Farrowsure Gold, when properly administered, provides protection from a common (sexually transmitted) swine disease, porcine parvovirus. Porcine parvoviral infection (PPV) is endemic in most swine herds. It usually is subclinical and a very common infection. Prior to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), PPV was probably the most commonly diagnosed infectious cause of reproductive failure in swine. PPV occurs worldwide in major swine-raising countries.

We have never had a case of PPV on our property. However, in order to grow our herd, we have bought breeding stock from all over the United States. We feel like giving this vaccine at the proper times to develop a passive immunity in our breeding herd is the responsible decision for our farm. Some farms choose not to vaccinate for PPV, and honestly are very vocal about it, implying that vaccinated herds are somehow "hiding something". We disagree wholeheartedly. But, of course that is a decision each breeder must make for their own situation. We choose to err on the side of safety rather than deal with an infection and the subsequent loss of income, heartache and bio-security concerns that an infection would cause.

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