We added a limited amount of bagged feed to our last bulk pick up. This is a complete IPP feed, designed with the help of a livestock nutritionist to not require any additional mineral. 50# bags are available for $22 each.


$500 registered gilt / $500 registered boar / $950 unrelated breeding pair
$1350 unrelated breeding trio (if available)
$150 feeders (barrows only) or $125 for three or more
To obtain multiple pig discounts, all pigs must be purchased from our farm.


We wean our breeder and feeder piglets at around five-six weeks, as long as they are eating grain and hay. We usually like to keep them for an additional one to three weeks after weaning to monitor growth.

Pick Up

Breeder and feeder piglets can be picked up at our farm, or transport can be arranged at and additional cost.

Adult Pigs and Bred Gilt/Sows

Adult Pigs

Occasionally, we will have adult pigs available for purchase. Whether we are selling them to bring in new lines or perhaps we just kept them longer to grow them out, they will still have full conformation requirements and are healthy and happy.

Bred Gilts/Sows

We have plenty of boars and will be offering exposed and pregnant proven sows (past litter info is always available) and gilts that are approximately 8-12 months old.