Our Boars

Boars are a very important part of your breeding program! With a good boar, you can correct small issues with your gilts/sows. We pair our boars with sows/gilts that complement that boar's outstanding features. Never cut corners when choosing a boar! We as a breeder are VERY selective and register only the best boars out of our litters.

Boar or Barrow?

All male piglets are boars. Once they are castrated (as a feeder), they are then called "Barrows"!


Rex x Kelly
Date of birth; April 11, 2021
Bred by; White Bison Farm, Wisconsin
Wattles: 0
Color: Black/White (or Tri)


Sam x Black Gold
Date of birth; August 1, 2021
Bred by; Ranier Heritage Farm, Oregon
Wattles: 0
Color: Tri


Bandit x Fate
Date of birth; September 19, 2021
Bred by; Green Thicket Farm, Missouri
Wattles: 2
Color: Tri-Color


Snickers x Fate
Date of birth; March 5, 2022
Bred by; Phillips Family Farm, Washington
Wattles: 0
Color: Ginger/Black