First Aid

Your IPP First Aid Kit

These are just some of the items we keep on hand for first aid.

General First Aid

Antibiotics - Exceed, Draxxin, LincoMed
Pain and Inflamation - Dexamethasone, Banamine
B Complex Injectable
Wormers - Ivermectin Cattle Pour On, Safeguard flakes or pellets, Dectomax Injectable
Fly control - Permethrin Spray
Nutrition - NutriDrench, Probiotic, Scour-Chek
Sprays - AluSpray, BluKote, Chlorhexidine
Various Size Sutures
Various Size Hypodermic Needles and Syringes (most commonly used; 18ga 1")
Blood Stop Powder and Bandages
Gloves - Both arm length and surgical gloves


Piglet Puller
Lube (a lot of it)
Colostrum Replacer
Shoulder Length Gloves
Injectable Iron


SHARP Blades
Clean Cloths
AluShield or BluKote

Ear Tagging

Ear Tags (both plain and 840 type)
Ear Tag Applicator
Ear Tag Remover