Available Pigs and Piglets


We added a limited amount of bagged feed to our last bulk pick up. This is a complete IPP feed, designed with the help of a livestock nutritionist to not require any additional mineral. 50# bags are available for $18 each.


(0) Feeder piglets available
****Discounts available for multiples and feeders bought with breeders.

Proven Boars

None Available

Proven Sows

Wilma - I2911 - Heart x Bandit
DOB: September 24, 2021 - Color: Ginger(light)/Black - Wattles: 1 - Teat Count: 12
$800 or $1,200 bred

Wilma is one of three Heart line sows at Drift Oak Ranch. That's why we're selling her. She has had two litters of 10 and she will be available to leave after the current litter is weaned (mid-April). We can also offer her bred after she weans. Wilma has a bit of a longer snout, so she would pair well with a boar with a shorter snout. She is on the larger size of the sow weight range. She is a friendly pig and a good mother.

Breed Quality Piglets

NRK2184 - Heart x Max
Gilt - DOB: May 26, 2023 - Color: Tri-Color - Wattles: 0 - Teat Count: 14